29 January 2010

What is Chever?

CHEVER  is also the same thing as chuva, churva, or chenes.
It can also be chuvachenes, cheverlu or chuvanes. 

CHEVER means wala lang. It's a filler. You can also attribute whatever meaning you want to this word.
A: Puede mo bang pakiusapan si Gloria na pakawalan na si Ampatuan?
B: Ayoko nga! Ikaw na lang, baka ma-chever pa ko.

A: Girl, nag-chever daw kayo ni Elvis kagabi sa Plaza!
B: Chever lang yun!

From Urban Dictionary
1. churva
Churva is from the Greek word "cheorvamus" which means "for lack of the right word to say or in place of something you want to express but cannot verbalize"
-(when explaining something) about the churva churva....
- Hey girl....what's the latest churva?

2. churva
Churva is an expression used to pertain to something that cannot be adequately expressed or explained.
originated from the word chuva
oh you know... the churva?!
if you can't say anything else or speechless they say, CHURVA!


1. chorva
Chorva is a term used usually by gay Filipinos which very loosely means "whatever" or "something".

Chorva is used as filler to replace words the speaker can't immediately come up with during the conversation
"oh my god did you do our homework chorva?"
"no but like it's due tomorrow anyway"

"no, I can't get out today, there's some family chorva happening at home, my life is SO OVER."

"what the **** that chorva mean?"
"you know, um. chorva."

BUT THEN CHURVA AND CHORVA REALLY CAME FROM JOLINA MAGDANGAL'S CHUVA (you know that chorva, CHUVA CHU CHU, may movie pa sila ni Marvin Agustin noon)

1. Chuva
When you run out of words or you do not know what word comes after a word, you say 'chuva'.
Hey Nezza, you really look hot in that Baby Phat and Juicy...erm...Juicy Chuva black top.

2. Chuva
Chuva is a general term used as a substitute to any particular word (it may be a person, place, thing, verb, etc.)usually used as a Codename so that no one can identify who, where, what they are talking about.
JAY: have you seen Chuva?
Jane: nope, why are you CHUVAheng for her?
JAY: nada! i just wanna give this uhm..chuva to her..
Jane: oh, dont worry, i'll just chuva you when i see her..ok?



1. chenes
When you run out of giving examples you just say chenes chenes. it's a gay lingo.
boy1: hey! have you ever loved a guy before?
gay1: you know chenes chenes

Credits: Urban Dictionary + Wikipedia

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